Blake Lively : new visage of L’Oreal

I think that L’Oreal may be a fan of the TV show Gossip Girl, after announced that they has chosen Leighton Meester as the new visage of Biotherm, the French brand announced that Blake Lively (the actress of Gossip Girl) will be the new visage of the biggest cosmetic brand.


The American actress has already been the visage of different big brand as : the bag Mademoiselle of Chanel, and Gucci perfume (premiere). Blake Lively joins the clan of the biggest women of L’Oreal namely : Julianne Moore, Beyoncé, but also Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. Blake proclaimed that ” I am proud of being of one l’Oreal women”.



I can’t wait to see the new campaign of L’Oreal and the most fashionista of the word. I am pretty sure it will be sophisticated, glamour and elegant, a perfect match between the cosmetic brand and the Upper East Side’s gossip girl. Everything goes well so far for the young actress , who declared few months ago that she has a project to set up her own lifestyle company.



Lara Stone : new visage of l’Oreal Paris

The top model Lara Stone has been chosen to be the new muse of the cosmetic and capillary brand. The Dutch model is back just few months after the birth of her child. She made the cover of Vogue magazine and now she is the new visage of the French brand.


She reacted to the new and said “I am so flattered to join the dream team of L’Oreal Paris. To say to all women in the world Because I’m worth it is a big honor”. The president of the brand, Cyril Chapuy, said “Lara is a modern icon. Her rebellious and non-consensual beauty made ​​her a strong woman successful. At the same time, she has stayed authentic, real, sensitive and fun”.

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