Best or worst international photos magazines

I wanted to make a post with the most amazing photos took in 2013. It can be glamour, sexy, funny or crazy. Just to share with you the photos that we may not forget. Rihanna ! I don’t want what kind of message the photographer wanted to share, but personally I didn’t get it at all and it is far away to be something sexy, glamour or attractive. Less glamour with the star of Scandal…. What happened ? I love Kerry Washington, she was the best actress dressed in 2013 but the sunglasses upside down… Not good.

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This one is one of my favorite. I love how Justin Timberlake plays the tightrope with disconcerting ease. Sexy ! Ok…. Someone has to explain me, what is going on ? What is that ? Sorry but George Clooney is classed on the worst magazine photo. 

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In 2013, we saw them more often the Olsen’s twins in the magazines than in 2012. Black and white and totally simplicity, I like it.

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Not sure that it is the most comfortable position for the actress of Homeland – Claire Danes, but I like her regard and Kate Perry is really cute with her big smile and this hat.

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kate perrry