Humanitarian Efforts in Oaxaca, Mexico Inspire New Taycor Financial: Project Community Program

My host company Taycor Financial is specialized in medical and dental equipment leasing and has created trust relationship and long-term collaboration with its customers. This relations brought professionals of medical and dental equipment to collaborate with us in a generosity goal to help people. Taycor Financial has financed a humanitarian action in Oaxaca (Mexico) in order to offer the opportunity to people to benefit of medical treatments and by the same occasion to train and mentor local medical and dental students. This devotion has seen the birth of the project: “Financial Taycor: Community Project.”


My boss, Michael Hong – Director of Business Development at Taycor Financial declared : “We were approached by a group of professionals that we had previously provided medical equipment leasing for […] They were going on a humanitarian relief effort to bring medical and dental care to a remote village in Mexico. From this partnership, the Taycor Financial: Project Community Program was born.” During three days, three doctors, three dentists and ten others members worked hand in hand offering food, treating sick local persons but also discussing with them. It is always touching to see professionals offering them help and their compassion to provide a better life.



When they left, they left behind them their knowledge by training students in the region in order to take over and furnish care to their community. We do not realize how lucky we are (get the best care and treatment and easily) until we see how difficult it is for other people. As Michael said : ” […] we hope to continue making a positive impact on those who do not have the luxuries that we are fortunate to have”.  If you want to participate to this project and evolve the life of thousand people just send an email to : – Anne Franck said “No one has never become poor by giving”…



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