#1 Italian restaurant : OLIO

Few weeks ago I have made a post about my favorite Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, 800 degrees, but… after having tried Olio on 3rd street, I have to change my mind about it. I am not going to denigrate 800 degrees, it is a good restaurant , tasty and the ingredients are fresh but Friday I tried Olio, it is located on 3rd Street and Crescent and the best words to describe their foods are delicious , Italian, and perfect. I love trying new restaurant, each one has its own atmosphere, décor and the cuisine is unique, it is a nice way to develop my knowledge about food especially in a international city as LA.




My first impression was that the restaurant is small and how they place the tables are not convenient at all. Eve and me decided to eat on the patio where the tables were more spacious and private. The menu is not huge, but each person even the most complicated can find his happiness. I ordered the wild mushrooms and crispy Prosciutto, I am a big fan of mushrooms. I was not disappointed, the pizza was full of it. It was really good. The mushrooms were fresh and the prosciutto were really crispy. I could feel each ingredients in my mouth and taste the savors. No dessert for me, even if the dessert menu is short I was full.


To show you how I liked it, I went back there on Monday night for the birthday of my best friend. We ordered two different pizzas so like that we could share and taste something new. We ordered the Hawaiian and the wild mushrooms (Yes, I know… Again), we both love mushrooms. Usually I am not a big fan of mixing sweet and salty but in this case, I really love it, the pineapples were not too sweet.


I am person who judge also the atmosphere, the décor when I decide to recommend a restaurant but at Olio, décor and atmosphere don’t really “exist” and the quality of the food is totally enough to recommend it and to give them a 5/5 as a note.




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