Banana Republic collaborates with Wren Scott

For Christmas and New Year’s celebrations Banana Republic has decided to associate the designer l’Wren Scott for a collection with night outfit and full of colors. The designer has created 50 pieces of trendy outfit and accessorizes really feminine and colorful. For the printings the collection will be based on lips, peony and barley sugar stripes. The collection will be available on the e-shop of Banana Republic on December 5th.





3 thoughts on “Banana Republic collaborates with Wren Scott

    • Wouahhh ! Surprised by this nomination but I am happy that u selected my blog.
      I will start to work on your questions.
      By the way… I had a nice day yesterday hope today will be the same or even better 😉 Have a nice day Miss.

  1. This is good news, I’m so glad they are starting to do collaborations. They really needed a boast over the past couple of years. Adding some fun pieces will bring back the 20 and 30 somethings.

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