Best French restaurant : Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz

Last night I went to a French Bistro in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. One of my roommate went there for happy hours two weeks ago and she told me that this is the best place to go when we miss the French cuisine. Yesterday I went with all my roommates, it was quite far from our apartment, it took 2 hours by bus. When we arrived we were greeted by a French mistress, the décor is so French, brown wood, dim light, and so on. I thought I was in Bastille or Le Marais (famous neighbors in Paris).


Cafe Figaro_15001


At the entrance, you have a bunch of French dessert. I just wanted to try all of them: mille-feuille, fraisier, éclair au chocolat and so on. We started with Kir Royal (champagne and blackcurrant liqueur) is the French drink and it’s really good. We didn’t order dishes but different appetizer such as: Mussels with cheese, charcuterie plate, cheese platter, calamari, carpaccio, shrimp coconut. Yummy Yummy! The right word to describe the meal is : PERFECT. The cheese plate was so French, it was really tasty like we used to know and the profiterolles for dessert, the perfect dessert to end my dinner.

Pastry selection wide shot




We really had a good time, around all these French specialties, glass of white wine, kir, we played the game “What do you prefer”, it was a very good evening. Those who like to try new foods or love French cuisine, I recommend you try this bistro, you will not be disappointed.




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