No need much to be fashion…

Mode sometimes depends only to a small details or accessorizes which make the totally difference. These details make your simple outfit unique.

Lace : When I say lace, what do you think ? Me, I say glamour, sexy and sophistication. This season we will find it everywhere but in a small touch and personally I love it. It is perfect on the shoulders of a top on in the back or front of a top.


Backless : Ok so now… It is the top of sensuality, we can wear it perfectly during the day or at night. We reveal small part of our body. It means something mysterious for me, we reveal just enough to make people curious LOL 😉


Sock : Being back in the past and specially in the movie Flash Dance. We show our socks.


Suspenders : masculine’s touch finally ! Something not too much girly, trendy and perfect with a large pants


Fringe : Who doesn’t like the far west style ? Boots with frange, Love it. Not child style, not too much, it is just perfect to put a crazy touch to a simple outfit.


Crack : Unsophisticated style with crack on a jean, top or jacket


Hat : Don’t need to wait for the winter, it is the accessorize to wear during this autumn.




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