IL Forno Caffe – Santa Monica

I love Italian food, and it is perfect that one of my roommate is Italian ! Lucky me ! 😉
I found this restaurant on Yelp, it is located in Santa Monica. I went there last week and I really had a good time.



It is a charming place, quiet and convenient for people who don’t have a car. We ate outside with my friends, it was a warmn night weather. We shared the appetizer a buratta (cheese, tomato), melon. And the bread was hot with olive oil and fresh tomatoes… Yummyyy



I ordered as usually I wanna say… Pasta. It was tortellini nuovi pasta with a pink cream sauce and chicken in the tortellini. It was the first time I tried and I was not disappointed, it was just delicious. I could not finish my plate, the cream sauce was heavy but good.


Unfortunately, no time for me to try their dessert, but for the Los Angeles’s community I recommend you to try it.



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