Crazy friday night…The Abbey – West Ho

Hope you had a nice weekend ! I had a lot of fun with my friends. It was a long time I didn’t hang out (2 weeks, so for someone who lives in LA, 2 weeks in really a long period) ūüėČ On Friday night, to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, I went to the Abbey bar in West Hollywood. I love this bar especially on the Friday nights.


It is crowded of people and the ambiance is just crazy. I like going there, people are¬†very friendly, everyone talks to everyone, and people are there to enjoy their night and meet new people. It is a nice place¬†to go to move our body all the night¬†(the DJ is pretty good) and also nice¬†if you just want to have a drink with friends. Although the terrace is large, there is not enough¬†seat for everyone, but¬†HEY we’re not going to a bar to sit all evening ūüôā

Abbey is well known because of the dancers on the tables, around 6 to 8 men dance all the night, girls are not going to complain about seeing beautiful men dancing.



For people who live in LA, you should try the Abbey once ( I recommend the Friday night), you will love the ambiance.


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