Paris’ Fashion Week : Balmain

I did not know this designer, that the good point of the fashion week we can discover new designer. I saw Balmain’ show and it was good. I like his collection. It is a collection composed of embroidery, details, finishing touches but also the designer made a sparkling collection, I saw leather, denim, feather and so on. The collection was really variety whether it be color or materials, design, I can see that there is a lot of work.




There is a chic touch but also street style mixed with a vintage mode. It is a perfect matching of three different styles, that make the collection unique, original and innovative. I didn’t see the large suit as I did in the last fashion week in NY and London.





Balmain’ slogan in the 50′ was “Beautiful lady, the perfume of adventurous for the night of passion and enchantment” . It sounds like a wild girl but chic, trendy and glamour. I love his idea.



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