Not without my daughter

Direction Teheran for fifteen days of vacation. Betty Mahmoody feels that she is doing a blunder when she accepted to go in Iran for vacations with her daughter and her husband originally from there. When they arrived there her suspicion revealed being true and was confirmed when her husband said to her ” You will never leave Iran, you’ll stay here until your death” ! During eighteen months, her daughter and her live in a country which tears apart with the war, women don’t exist in the society, the religious is strongly presents in the lifestyle of everyone (control). She will suffer from humiliations, sequestration, but also physical hurt and moral.


I know this is an old book, I’m sure most people have already read it, but some bloggers may have not read it, so my post will serve to someone else. It is one of my favorite book. I really love it, that made me think a lot after I finished reading it. It is a poignant story, we feel closer when it is the story of a woman. It is appalling to see how her husband turned his back to America, started to hate America, whereas he lived there for 25 years, worked there and made a lot of money, and he shown to everybody that he was an American in his mind. I was horrified by all the prejudices that Betty had to overcome to survive and achieve its goal of returning to America. The conditions were really tough, such as the lack of hygiene, the police religious and their rules.

MV5BMjE4MTQwNjMzNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjAyOTM2NA@@__V1_SX214_The movie – adaptation

Although I love this book, the only negative point is that Betty was too critical towards Iranian culture, she never tried to understand why people live like they were. She denigrates the country and the culture without trying to understand. I don’t say that she should have understood the behavior of her husband, but his behavior doesn’t reflect how Iranian culture is. Despite of that, Betty was a strong women who share with us one of the most terrified chapter of her life. When you start reading the book, you will not leave your eyes on the lines. Fascinating & moving & true.



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