Planet Dailies – The Grove

Living in front of the Grove and the farmers market is really great. I don’t have to go far away if I want to have a dinner. There are bunch of restaurant and different kind of food, Italian, American, Mexican or fast food. I tried last year in Vegas, Planet Dailies, I really enjoyed my meal, so I wanted to try the one in The Grove (only one in Los Angeles).




Planet Dailies

I went there on Saturday afternoon for lunch. Directly, I liked the location and the architecture. It is located just upstairs of the small shops, so we have a beautiful view on the Grove. The design is soft and simple but really friendly. The waitress was really nice and amicable. I ordered the turkey sandwich club with French fries. When the women brought my dishes, I was surprised by how my sandwich was big. I don’t know how many slices of turkey they put. The French fries were crusty and with a honey mustard sauce, just perfect.


For the dessert, the most important part of a dinner for me! I got the skillet sundae ! Justttt Wouahhh ! It was so good. I am crazy about cookie, chocolate and ice cream. I really recommend you to try this dessert, I am sure at 200% you will also fall in love for it.


Just in front of the restaurant, there is the bar “Mixology”. At this time in the afternoon, I could not judge the atmosphere and if it is a nice place to go to have a drink. But I heard only good comments about this bar. I should try it one day.





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