L.A. County Fair

Sunday was a day where I have the feeling to be back in my childhood or the adolescence. I went to the L.A. county fair un Pomona. I heard about this fair from one of my roommates’ boss. She told me that it is a fair with a lot of attractions, restaurant and different halls where entrepreneurs and companies present some of their products. We have the same in Paris and each year in June is a big event, so I wanted to see how it looks like in Los Angeles.



I didn’t know that it was so far away from my place. It took 1 hour to get there by car. Regards, the exhibitor we can find 2 or 3 times the same products (identical) in two different halls and some of the products were really cheap quality and not innovative at all. I expected to see new products or brand. The attractions were every where, the fair was so huge and crowded of people. The rides were more for child than for adult. I didn’t play at all, but it would have been a good place to go with my nephews and my god son.



 One of the nice thing was all of the restaurants that we found there, even if it was only fat food, there were choices. There was not any walk that I did without smelling the good smell of chicken, French fried, seeing people eating ice cream. I saw bunch of people with a turkey legs, but not the small one that we see at Ralph’s, it was a big one. I had to try it, follow the “tradition” of eating a turkey leg in the fair. It was good, not oily and not salty. I enjoyed it.




It is the paradise for kids. I remember my self in this kind of fair when I was a child, I loved this place: eating sweet things, playing all of the day and wining presents.

I had a great moment there with my friends, even if I didn’t enjoy my time as I did in the past, but it was a nice day with a beautiful sun. We all keep a childhood side in us.




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