What is new in H&M ?

This year also H&M follows the trendy of this season. We can find the indispensables clothes there and not worries, you are not going to be ruined. It is why, we like H&M, trendy, fashion and cheap.

Officer jacket : The marine style does again is apparition for the new season in our dressing. Nice jacket to wear with a jeans and a white top. Price : $19.95


Shirt : Possibility to wear the shirt in a large size, “not tight”, we choose for a pastel color or white. Price $14.95


Leather legging : Stop to the black leather, too common ! We dare with the leather legging color khaki. Price $9.95


Dress : Like this tunic dress, large and sexy. Simple but the laces around the collar and the epaulettes are really cute. With a nice boots color cream or camel is perfect. Price $14.95



Jacket : Became the classic jacket to have during the winter, the officer jacket is each year present in the collection of many shops. We can choose different color. The plus is the spots color gold. Price $69.95


The new campaign of H&M with Giselle Bundchen



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