How my internship is going

I always wanted to have an international experience, I did not have any preference, I was wondered about a new culture, see the world in a different eye and to add a value on my resume with an international experience in a company. Taycor Financial  was an opportunity that I could not refused. This internship matches perfectly with my expectations.

I was anxious to start the internship, my previous experiences were as assistant marketing and assistant purchasing I don’t have any experience in an equipment and leasing company. I may surprise some members of my family and friends, but to embark on an unknown world scared me a little to be honest. I know Los Angeles, but the professional goal is huge, work in a society where the language is not your native language scared me. A few days after my first day at Taycor, my fears disappeared, I remember why I was here and how lucky I am to do this internship at Taycor.


I have been in a month now, it is just the beginning of this experience but I feel comfortable and I like what I am doing. I have learned more about equipment leasing and financing, which will be useful for the duties that are entrusted to me. I worked with my some colleagues (three interns) about personal interviews that will be posted on the website of Taycor Financial. Additionally, I was in charge of create  of a new financing application form, it allows me to understand more about how Taycor works. Theses recent assignments, offer the possibility for me to show my knowledge in marketing’s field by judging the importance of an information or not, and to think like a customer and like Taycor. I will said about the internship ” so far, so good” 😉


I am impatient to see how the next few months will be, to see how my contribution will also evolve. It is a big challenge so much professional than personal. I will try to pass over my limits and give my best to respond to the expectations of Taylor and to reach my goals. Let see how this new chapter will end :-).



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