What do we have to remember from the Fashion week of NY?

We arrived at the end of the fashion week In New York last week, the London fashion week has already started but before talk about London I wanted to select the most beautiful clothes and unique outfit  that we saw in New York. The 5 outfit that we have to remember.

1. Alexander Wang The logo on the sweat remain us the 90′ and I like the transparence line on the top. An old logo with a fashion sweat. We can just approved it.


2. Jason Wu reinvented the sweat, really chic and trendy, it can perfectly fit with a nice blue night jeans and heel shoes. It is haute couture. He joined Marc Jacobs with a sportive clothes rework on a chic feminine casual outfit.


3. Marc By Marc Jacobs I love the suit pants of Marc Jacobs with the baggy pants and the pajama top. He broke the cod of the “marginal” suit. A nice way to match the sportive style with a feminine outfit. I approved 200 times.


4. Tommy Hilfiger On a sketchbook, I don’t know if I would liked the pants, but when we saw the result on the fashion week it was really unique and innovative. The material of suit diving is just fashionable, the zip on the middle is perfect but I think there is many colors.


5. DKNY Donna Karan worked on the street style and took some risks with this daring dress in anorak style. I like the long slip in the middle, associated with a sneakers shoes is just hip and trendy. Who would have been able predict a anorak on the corridor of the fashion week ?


It really nice to see how the designers created some unique outfit, each collection is totally different from another one. From a InDesign, a digital pattern marketing or an equipment, a simple sketch became a perfect casual outfit and cheered by all of the fashion professional workers.



3 thoughts on “What do we have to remember from the Fashion week of NY?

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