Another Forgotten Child – Cathy Glass

Another forgotten child is a true story of a eight years old girl – Aimee – who lived with a foster care called Cathy Glass. Cathy Glass was a foster care in England and also a writer. She wrote different books about some children that she took care of. Aimee was in the child protection register at birth, like her five siblings were taken into care many years before. During these eight years nobody kept an eye on Aimee, she lived with a drug addicted mother and in extremely bad conditions. Aimee had attitude, she was rude, impolite and aggressive sometimes, according to her past the social services was looking for a experimented foster care. Cathy was the one! Cathy had to deal with a poor girl who are afraid by what will happen to her, her past, her secrets but also have to deal with Aimee’s mother-Susan- her aggressive person. Through the chapters we saw how Cathy took care of Aimee, we discovered the hell of the eight years of Aimee and we couldn’t avoid to ask “Why did nobody withdraw her from her mom while she was in the register of at risk protection”??


My opinion :

It is not the first book that I read about children abused and neglected from their parents but this one really touched me. Most of the time these books are written by the child but in an adult age whereas this one is written by a foster care, we can have a different view of how the life of neglected child is. This book looks more like a diary of Cathy. Although she is a writer, it is not a main job, she wrote in a simple way and that makes the book real and appealing. How Cathy wrote and described Aimee and her, I felt attached to them directly, she put the readers closer to the characters. I had the expression to live the moments with them. It was so cruel to read how a little girl can be neglected and abandoned by the system of social services and by their own parents. The most beautiful thing was how Cathy has won the trust of Aimee and her love. Aimee had attitude, and I was surprised by how Cathy stayed calm and comprehensive.  We can thank God that there is kind person as Cathy to help this children and bring them light in their life.



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