Yamato – Japanese restaurant

All of the people who live in Westwood, for sure know about Yamato restaurant, one the best Japanese restaurant in Westwood village. First thing, when you passed on Westwood boulevard the restaurant is flashiness, the architecture of the building hooks our attention.

Inside the décor is just sophisticated (you can judge it more at night), upstairs the tables are really separated, each tables have candles, it makes a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Can be perfect for a date, a dinner with friends or family also.


I went to this restaurant many times, the food is really great and the rolls are really innovative and creative. You don’t have this feelings that every dinners are repetitive but at contrary makes it unique, the menu is large so we have the choice. The mix between some crispy vegetables and sweet sauce makes both a good taste and good feeling in the mouth. Love it !


The price is affordable and pretty good for the quality of the food. The waiters and waitresses are really kind and we can ask them different questions about the menu and get some advices. I will recommend you to go there on the night, the décor looks really different from the afternoon and the night. Hope you will like it as much as I do.



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