800 Degrees

If you are looking for one of the best restaurant in LA to eat a pizza, don’t need to look far away, I have an address for you… 800 degrees in Westwood. It is a Neapolitan restaurant in the heart of Westwood Village. I heard about this restaurant many times, people told me that is the best restaurant for pizza in LA. To make my own opinion I tried it yesterday night and I am not disappointed at all, I will thank my friend for his advice.


The line was really long, we can see that that a sign, that the foods are good. The system is almost like Chipotle, you choose your basic of pizza, and after you add what do you want. There are many varieties of toppings and they were fresh. You are not limited on the possibilities.


After few minutes, I got my pizza, I took my first slice and I enjoyed it. I had the impression that I was eating a Italian pizza from Roma. The base was tiny, we can really feel the taste of the ingredient ! Not salty as usually when I went to some Italian restaurant. I like this unique concept of making your own pizza, you can create according to our taste.


Regard the interior, is a nice place, when you enter you feel directly the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant even if it is not spacious. It looks like being the place where students meet after class or bar. I like Westwood village, so it is a nice area to have a dinner. They selected one of the best area in LA to open a fast-restaurant.


No regrets at all ! It was my best pizza ever in LA. Try it.



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