To read : Sold


Zana Muhsen explain in this book that her sister and her had been sold by her father for $ 2,500. Zana was 16 and Nadia 14 years, the British teenagers have been married against their desire. Their father had promised them a trip to Yemen for vacation to visit the family of their father, the nightmare began. Married, treated as a slave, alone, Zana decided to do everything to leave the country. With the help of a doctor Zana left Yemen, but not without leaving behind her, her sister and her children. (Below photo took the day before the trip)

In this book, I was grab by the hate that Zana and Nadia had for their father, husband and everyone. It was sad to see how they lived as in the Middle Ages, treated as a slave, no respect and it was the same treatment for all women in Yemen. The saddest thing is to admit that their own father decided to sell his own daughters. How can this be possible, and he left without looking back. They were trapped in a life they didn’t want. I read when I was 17, so it was easy for me to identify me to the girls, young, naïve and innocent. Zana was a strong woman, while her sister was weak. Through the chapters I saw how Nadia accepted his miserable life and gave up her faith. It make me sad to see her accepted this life, she thought that it was her destiny and no one would come to save her.


Zana fought for a government response, it took years before journalists and Government decided to act despite all the cries of Zana. It was shocking to see that even British journalists went there (here above photo took by then in Yemen), the world didn’t do anything to help these young girls. Zana had to fight to make sure that they will not been forgotten. I don’t know if I would have the same force as Zana, I have great respect for her and her bravery. Zana wrote: “To all who read my story and that will close this book, I said the following:  Don’t close it on the oblivion.Help Me.Let resonate in your memory that cry of mine and so many other women”.

Zana is still fighting 20 years later to make her sister, her son and nephew free… If you read it, let me know what did you think about the book.



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