Kitchen 24 – West Hollywood

I like trying different kind of restaurant in LA. It is accessible to every one, in France restaurants can be expensive. Here, we can have a dinner in a fancy restaurant without that dinner cost us an arm 😉 On Saturday night, I went to West Ho with my friends, we went to kitchen 24. It is American food. I like the décor and the color of the restaurant. We started our evening with a drink there, I got a Mimosa (champagne + juice).  They put some music, it make us in the move of West Ho. For the dinner, I had the bacon burger! huge burger, still surprised by how burgers are big here. Despite all, I ate all of the burger, so I guess I should not complained 😉 I just missed mayonnaise inside of the burger. Regards, the waitress was friendly, asked us if everything went well but it was a busy night, so the waitress took long time to serve our drink. It is not fancy but charming and West Ho is a nice area to have dinner and go to a bar after.






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