Fresh corn grill

Hope you had a nice weekend. I didn’t go to Vegas, I will have other opportunity to go there the next few months, it is close to LA by car. I didn’t do anything special, just hang out on the beach, had a dinner with my friends and had some drinks in West Ho.

I have tried Fresh corn grill on Westwood on Friday night. I pass in front of the restaurant every day when I have to go to Westwood village and I was wondering to know why it is every time crowded. I decided to satisfy my curiosity and try it. The décor is really simple but small. They should work on the décor to make it more fancy and attractive. I like the fact that we can eat outside, it is really great during the summer. The personal were really friendly, they tried to speak in French, even if their French was bad, it is nice to see people trying, and American accent are cute. I ordered a cobb salad make with egg, bacon, avocado and blue cheese. I liked their house vinaigrette, but the blue cheese in the salad, I should have requested without. It looked like a small restaurant in a village.  I recommend you this restaurant, you have one in Westwood and a second one in West Ho.untitled



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