Perfect dress for the autumn

Whatever is the season, we will stay hip and sexy. Autumn is coming soon, new collection are ready to get out. Here a selection of the prettier dress that we should wear this autumn.

Pepe jeans I like the semi-transparence of the dress with reveal just enough parts of our body. Really fancy and we will think that the summer didn’t finish

Gerard Darel I like the tie on the waist and the dress is loose and light. Perfect with boots or flat shoes for the day and will be also perfect with a heel shoes (flashy color)


Brigitte Bardot I love this one ! Like the color and the mi-long sleeves. How the mannequin wears the dress, is just perfect ! I see my self in this dress 😉 Don’t you girls ?


Ba&Sh The white glacier that prepares us for the cold. Simple dress but we can accessorize it with nice necklaces, shoes and a handsome bag. Make a “jumble” on your hair but a nice jumble. (not sure that is the good word to use, Sorry)


Sandro The cashmere prints and yoke rework our appearance. It can be difficult to imagine yourself in his dress with the expression of the girl 😉 But try to ignore her. LoL!


There for all styles and for all tastes ! You just have to choose your ally for this autumn. Indulge yourself girls.



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