Fatwa : Living with a death threat

Jacky was 23 years old when she arrived in Egypt with her boyfriend Dave . From the beginning of the trip, Jacky and Dave had split during a bus trip very eventful . Jacky is injured and she is alone in a country where she does not speak Arabic . She is helped by a local family. She falls in love with the young son Omar , at first glance , they were madly in love with each other. Then after marriage , Jacky converted to Islam and the birth of their children. The beginning of Hell begins with humiliation, violence and so on . Because Jacky left Egypt without authorization her Muslim husband and brought her two daughters , Jacky Trevane is accused of committing a sin against Islam , and now she lives under the Fatwa . That case was decided by an imam who sentenced to death if her husband find her. The rest of his life is now dedicated to hide and every time looking back .

My opinion:

This is a touching book about love , but also the gap between the two cultures. While I sympathize with the suffering of Jacky , I can not be dismayed by her passivity , her naivety and lack of discernment in the first chapters of the book. When I read that the night of her marriage, she said ” I’m married and I do not even know my new name ,” I thought it was immature and she had to believe that she was experienced one of this Disney’s romance. She realized that she lost control of her life, she is imprisoned , could not leave the house without being escorted by a man. I was sad for her, I could not imagine her fear and disappointment. She felt alone facing this hell where she lives and has made ​​the right decision by leaving this country and the opportunity to give a chance to his two daughters to have a better life. She tried to be the perfect woman these six years. This is a poignant and mature book. I love how she wrote and describe her fears and feelings. Through this book, we have seen how Jacky becomes an adult and responsible, it was no longer this English girl dazzled by love. Jacky wrote her story not in order to humiliated Egyptian men but in order to help others by showing that no one should abandon. Jacky mentioned at the end of her book: “I wrote this book (…) to alert all those romantic girls who meet and fall madly in love with a handsome stranger (…) If I can discourage , through this book , if only one of you don’t go to theses distant heavens , then I would not have written in vain “

I recommend you read it. This is one of my favorite book based on a true story, and the strength of a woman .


Here the definition of Fatwa for people who don’t know the meaning



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