We found our house ! Oufff

What happens to me in Los Angeles?
Things have changed for me. We finally found a home with my roommates, but we are not three but five now. We will go home with one of our good friend and his girlfriend. A young French girl once again, we will be three French girls, which will be difficult for the two men. LoL! I know you think “Poor Samantha, she will handle the candle for them :-(” Despite this, I am so happy that we found a place and it will be great to live with my friends. Hopefully I will not have to endure all sessions of flirt time. Despite that, I am really happy and excited it will be my first home. Last year, I lived with roommates, and it was the apartment of one of them and now I live with my best friend but it is not our apartment. I like the idea that we all furnished, talk about decoration, and so on. We will live in the park La Brea, a great area, close to the Grove and of Beverly Center and I like the fact that is a residence. Hopefully everything will be fine, we will sign the contract on September 7. I wish we will not have any surprise like these last weeks. A new chapter is starting is my new life in the angel’s city.






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