Up & Down of the weekend : Lure, Topanga and Basement

Here we are guys. It’s Monday! Start working and to recover from a hangover for some (not me). Friday night was a bad night. I went to Lure with my roommates and friends, the club was empty! We were sure that we could not lose our friends. I could not believe that for a Friday night. Fortunately for me, I did not pay, the entrance was free for girls. I was disappointed. Saturday afternoon, I went to Toponga Malibu, but again there I was let down. The weather was so bad, cloudy and a bit cold. I could not remove my jacket and pants. This was my first beach since arriving in Los Angeles. I never imagined it like this. After two hours of conversation and gossip, we returned to Los Angeles to plan our Saturday night. I went to Basement Victorian bar in the main street. It was my first time there. I really appreciated the fact that he was in a unique place, it was much like being at a college house party. The atmosphere was pleasant, friendly and welcoming, a little dark, even if they put a lot of candles. The DJ has been slow to move trend music of this summer. After several crappy music choices (of course this is my personal opinion) he put at the end nice music and gave us the desire to go dance. My friends and I finally had the chance to dance, but after 30 minutes, light was turned on and music was turned off. Only 2am and that was the end of the night! At this time, I thought: “Why DJ heats us with good music if it is to cut everything 30 minutes after the beginning” In France, we used the club closed at 6am, so 2 hours we were on our end. For me, it was just a warm-up before a crazy night…. Nope, but it is only in my mind 😉
I had a lovely evening with my friends, we went to my place to have an after party until 4:30 and then jumped in my bed.

I hope you had a good weekend too, I wish you a nice week






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