The Lure and Malibu


Yes it’s finally Friday! All of us are waiting this day since Monday  morning 😉 It is the beginning of a crazy weekend between club, bars, drinks, beach and so on. For me tonight it will be a clubbing night to the Lure in Hollywood. It will be the second time that I will go to this club, the first time it wasn’t a bad night, the music was nice and I like the décor of the club, but I am prefer to go in a bar, it is more convivial, you can talk no need to scream on the ear of your friends. But… sometimes I like to wriggle my hips on the dancefloor. We can meet different kind of people in clubs, that is interesting for international people. I like the fact that in US, we are not judging to our appearance . In France, going to club has became an Alcatraz mission. The security guys check your outfit, how many people with you, If there is not more boys than girls! It annoyed me to pass a “control” for going to a club. I have the habit in France to hang out with my sisters and cousins, approximately 9 persons, so to be sure that security guys will not refuse us the entrance we separate us in three groups with an interval of 10mn between each group. I know it can be crazy and silly to do, but we were already denied the entrance of a club one time because we were too much. Anyway.. ! Hope this night will be great, to hang out with my bests. Of course girls, we stay glamour even after few glasses !


Saturday will be the last day of my roommate’s friend in La, so we will go to Malibu to enjoy the weather and having a dinner next to the beach. I went only one time in Malibu, I didn’t go to the beach, I was more interested by visiting the city. Hope I will not be disappointed by Malibu beaches, I hear many good things about this place.

Feedback on Monday. Have a nice weekend everybody.



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