Fashion : The nice look for a beach party

There is not only the stars who will have the right to enjoy beach party before September in their expensive bikini. We also can adopt our fashion style at a reasonable price and be on top on the California beaches.

1. The bikini 🙂 Of course, I am not talking the one piece bikini. Most of you know, that is official retro style made its coming back this summer. For the fashionista  of 80′ 90′ you can adopt the  bikini high waist. Choice a flashy color like green, pink or yellow. My choice from TopShop $44. Le-bikini-Topshop_exact780x1040_p

For the fans of the classic bikini as me, but with a touch of design on the couture, color, I will adopt the floral style that is really trend since the spring. 

My choice from ForeverXXI for $16.80 6

2. Kimono or Top. The kimono is traditionally wears for big occasions in Japon. The inescapable fashion girls have devastated mode and we are not going to complain 😉 Perfect clothing to hang out around the bar, dancing and to cover a little bit your tanned body at night. I will advice a floral model it will ideally fit with the retro style.

My choice from kimono Asos. kimono long

For the floral bikini, I will decide to wear a large top, open on the side in a pink color.

My choice from Ebay. $T2eC16h,!y8E9s2fl7uwBRyKMYFHsQ~~60_35

We don’t stop here, even if we have a nice look

3. Sunglasses. Don’t need to look far away, the trendy butterfly or the cat eyes form is the ideal accessory. Here my selection : TopShop $32 or H$M $9.95



 4. Shoes. Like a French idiom said “From the head to the feet” we will be trendy. Who said that we wear only flip flop at the beach ? Place for wedge shoes, I will recommend a white color, it matches perfectly with both of the bikinis. I know that I can be tough to wear it on the beach, but girl can control every situations and by the way we gain few centimeters more.


Eh hop ! We have a hip style. Have fun girls



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