The short playsuit, Summer trendy

We all know the jumpsuit but now the short version appeared. It is the perfect outfit it guarantees us to be comfortable, trend and no need to worried about matching up and down. Following three ways to wear it :

1. Relax : Walk on Santa Monica promenade, shopping with yours girls or lunch time at the terrace of a coffee restaurant nothing more relax than your prettier short playsuit.  For girls who have small breasts do not look bustier model, it will feel like your chest is even smaller. However for big breast be careful, a bustier can make your breast more bigger and people will be focus only on that and not on your cute outfit. it would be a shame not to make others jealous of your lovely outfit. hahahahahaha 😉 You should accessorize your outfit with a hat, differents bracelets and a nice flat shoes. Here my selection : short playsuit from Boohoo $20, Flat sandals from BCBG $60




2. Floral : We have to follow actual mode, that means floral style. We carry with a denim jacket and sleeves are rolled up.We don’t forget to wear gold bracelets and a nice ring. Now you are ready to enjoy your day. Here my selection : jean jacket from Asos $38




3. Glamour : for a sophisticated evening, we exchange our black dress to a short playsuit. We glamorize it with a nice heel color red (a touch of flashy to brake the classic) and a small handbag (Of course the same color of your shoes), we have to respect the code! LoL! Here my selection




Three different styles to wear the short playsuit, each one is unique, trendy, simple and can fix to everybody. No need a special occasion to be a fashionista. Now you are ready !



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