Looking for an apartment in L.A

It is so difficult to find an apartment I thought that it will be easy, LA is so huge and there are a lot of leasing sing around all of this big city but unfortunately I didn’t find a place to live yet.

Last weekend, I found a nice offer on Craigslist : Karl… the manager of the apartment, asked us to come on Sunday between 12 to 1pm for visiting the apartment. When we saw the apartment on Craigslist it looked so great, nice bedrooms, big living room and a modern kitchen, but the reality was really but really different. When the manager opened the door, there was a bad smell in the apartment, it was so degusting ! He show us the kitchen, Wouaahhh second surprise !! The kitchen is dirty, no doors on the closets, inside on the closets the planking was painted, and the sink… was not anymore white but close to grey. The current people who live inside are not really clean, I can judge that only by the kitchen and the smell of the apart.

We continued the visit to the rooms, the first room has not any handle, even if the room is big, in the second room it was just a messed up inside, clothes and underwear on the floor. Even if we know that the messed up will disappear if we move in, we can’t imagine ourselves in this kind of room. To conclude the visit we finished with the bathroom, it was a big bathroom, big mirror on the wall but unfortunately the household not being their priority, we saw a lot of moistures around the bath.

The lack of cleaning, and all of the work that the manager must to do to make it prettier, are sufficient reasons for us not to apply. How the manager can think that he will find tenants for this place ?? People are so desperate that they accept everything?! If you know someone who move out, please let me know. Be united 🙂


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