The countdown began …

I am living in Westwood since I arrived with one of my good friend, her boyfriend and one roommate. She has a great apartment, close to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and UCLA but at the end of the month we have to leave the apartment. It can be difficult to leave with roommates who don’t have the same principle specially when it concerns “cleaning”, so she and her boyfriend decided to take her own apartment with me. After a long day at work or school, you expect to arrive at home in a clean space and just relax yourself, but in our apartment is the contrary. We every time clean after them, they never paid attention to anything.

Having roommates can be really difficult, so it is important to think about everything before moving with someone. Since I arrived we are seeking for an apartment. We would like to live in Westwood, but the rent are expensive in this area, so we are looking in Culver City, West Hollywood and the West LA. 

We use the website Craigslist , it is a great website to find great deal regards apartments but also equipment, discussion and so on. We visited divers apartments, most of the apartments that we have visited had the same problem : bathroom and kitchen are ancient and not clean. When I entered in a place, I didn’t see my self cooking, or sitting on the sofa, I couldn’t imagine that. We are still looking, but now that I’ve started my internship I will have less time to devote to researches.

We have visited a lot of apartments but none of them matched with our expectations. Now, I can say that the countdown began…10 days to find a place to live otherwise …I don’t prefer to think about that.

Keep confident, somewhere in LA there is my apartment LOL !



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