Already complicated with my social security card

After 14 hours, I arrived in LA ! I have the impression that I left the city just few days ago, nothing change : drivers are still crazy, traffic are still so bad, beautiful weather and so on, but I left 8 months ago. I feel like at home.  

No time to enjoy the sun and the beach, I needed to do my social security number first to start the internship. I noticed that I didn’t get my I-94 when I passed the immigrant line at the airport, and this document is the most important document for staying in America but also to do my social security number. ICD told me that I needed to go to the US customs and border to get a copy of my I-94. The building is located in the downtown LA, 1hour and 30 minutes by bus from my house. To make this duty more fun…. I arrived there and the office had closed a few minutes before my arrival ! I was tired by the long way and still on the jet lag. I went back the next day, and got my I-94. Last step was to go to the social security office on Olympic boulevard, second surprise… the office is closed on Wednesday afternoon ! I didn’t have the choice that ask to Michael if I can start the internship on Monday and not on Thursday. To be sure, that everything will be done on Thursday, I went to the social security office Thursday at 9am. I completed all of the papers, and the woman told me that I will get my card in 10 or 15 days.

Finally… I am done!

Advice : always check the opening hours of administration 😉


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